Friday, April 17, 2015

We're LIVE (so, we're celebrating with online & in store SALES)

Our online store got a makeover, folks.  And as of last night, the new look is LIVE!  Finally!  I hope you guys like it as much as we do.  The new layout is cleaner and brighter and easier to navigate.  We've incorporated a ton of new features to make shopping a whole lot more fun.  And, our mobile shopping experience is easier too (which was so important!).  

To celebrate the big reveal, we're hosting a huge sale-- online and in store!!  Take 20% OFF all orders starting today 4/17 and ending at midnight on Monday 4/20.  If you follow us regularly, you know we don't really host sales very often (only during the holidays, mostly).  So, this is kind of a big deal for us.  This weekend's sale is STOREWIDE and that includes furniture (although, it excludes lighting).  Just use code: NEWLOOK


Friday, April 3, 2015

Sneak Peek (new HSM website!)

Would you like to see a sneak peek of our new look?  Like I mentioned yesterday, the online store is currently getting nipped and tucked, and she's starting to look pretty good.  :) What do you think?  It's still technically "under construction" but the overall look is bigger, brighter, and more organized.  The navigation is easier, the pictures are better, and the new platform will allow us to perform better for our customers (think new promotions and sales).  There are a ton of new features (that we've worked so hard on incorporating)... I can't wait to launch this baby this month.  It's been a lot of late nights and overtime for work for us.  So, we're pretty excited about it.

Here's a screen shot-- things might change between now and the actual launch, but I'm loving the progress so far.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Store Happenings...

We've been really busy in the store this last month.  So many new products have arrived for spring, and we are prepping for two exciting events happening in April.  :)  First and foremost, we are in the midst of totally redesigning our online store.  It's been waaaaaay too long since the site had a facelift, so we've been working hard to incorporate some great new features (hopefully, to make shopping a lot easier and more fun for our customers!).  It's involved a lot of late nights, so I'm pretty excited about launching the new look (yay!).  The second thing happening: we will be hosting some in-store events during the second half of the month.  Lots of vintage sales and in-store sales.  We'll have refreshments (wine) and a "Girls Day Out" event (sale, desserts, and more wine).  It should be fun.  So, stay tuned for news on that, and if you're in the area, please stop in and say hi!

For now, here are some recent pics of the store and some of our new products...

(lots of chic new white ceramics-- vases, faceted boxes, and urchins)

(a shot of our gorgeous Helena sofa in the studio.  Did you know we sell custom upholstery?  We do, and we're really proud of the partnership we've made with our custom manufacturer.  Everything is made in America and the quality is top notch-- find the collection of upholstery here.  Also, everything ships for free!)

 (new Burlap covered vases, just arrived for springtime.  They also make chic candle holders for those al fresco dinners happening this summer)

 (our new white faceted vases)

 (hammered ginger jars)

 (again, our white urchins...  and those chartreuse Cherry Blossom Pillows are on major sale right now-- small and large)

(and my favorite Modern Mint candle burning in the studio-- it's the best scent ever.)

Also worth noting (if you're interested!), we have started some Instagram Giveaways on our Instagram account (we gave away 11 free gifts last week!).  Just follow us to participate.  We honestly have the greatest customers on the Internet, so we love hearing from you guys on such a fun and interactive platform.  So, let's link up over there.  :)


Friday, March 27, 2015

In the store: 25% OFF all hardware

Sale includes all of our vintage pieces as well.

Happy Weekend!


Monday, March 23, 2015

In The Details: Drapery

Currently obsessed with this particular design detail.  Love the modern pleating and absolutely LOVE the metallic trim.  It's good.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Current Inspiration: Landscape

Spring is here (tomorrow, officially) and that means revisiting my love of landscape renovation.  Do you feel like that too?  March gets here and we are blessed with a handful of warm days, and all I can think about is gardening.  I wish I could get out there and start digging up plants and putting down brick pavers, like I've done in years past...  but, my enormously growing belly is telling me that strenuous gardening ain't gonna happen this year.  With a baby due in May, I think the majority of my "gardening" may be regulated to Pinterest.  We've done SO MUCH over the years, and our yard is still a disaster and nowhere near finished.  I'm okay with that though.  You can't do everything, I realize this.  But, I would love to finish it someday before I die.

For now, here are some gardening ideas that are totally inspiring me this year-- and maybe they will inspire you too.  Please indulge me...

This precious picket fence has my heart a flutter.  A few years ago, I'm not sure I would have swayed this way.  But, time has changed me.  Our backyard is pretty big, so I would love to enclose half of it between the carriage house and the backdoor.  Not for privacy, but something to contain the children and maybe a dog someday (did I just say "dog"?  These days, I can hardly keep my head on straight and I'm thinking about a dog?  Yes, let's get a dog.).  This simple yet classic picket fence is my inspiration.

To go with my new picket fence, I'll take this lovely gate and arbor, thanks.  :)  Is this not idyllic?  I can imagine parking my car in the carriage house, and then walking through this gate to the backdoor.  That would be lovely.

I would also settle for something like this.  :)

If I get my fence and my gate (and my arbor), I'll need a new walkway from the carriage house to the back door.  So, I think we'll need some brick.  You might remember a few years back, we repaved our front walk with reclaimed brick.  I still adore the look of it and I want MORE.  I spotted this chic pattern awhile back and have saved it as inspiration for future hardscaping.  Isn't this great?  Thank you, Ruthie Sommers.

 And, while we're at it, let's throw in a swimming pool.  This picture has been my go-to for years now.  I'm obsessed with it and would die to have anything that remotely resembles this someday.  Love the complete privacy with those thick evergreens (I think that might be my favorite part)...  and the rectangular pool, modern furniture, and potted plants.  Wrapped it up and ship it to me.

This is also fabulous. 

And, this.  I mean.  Hello, gorgeous.  Pea gravel, black planters, stacked rock, perfectly green lawn, potted boxwood.  Perfection.

Happy last day of winter, everyone.  :)


Monday, March 16, 2015

Our new candles are here!

Our new candles have arrived and they are divine!  I only wish you could smell them through this blog because they really do smell fantastic.  And, the packaging is awesome-- we've brought in polished copper tumblers, and mercury glass vessels...  not to mention the classic blue candle pots and faceted glass.  Over the last week, we've been testing out a few lines in the studio and the fragrances are so calming.  I didn't expect that.  So now, I like to have a candle burning whenever I'm at work.  The smell just makes me happy.  Isn't it funny how such a simple thing can affect your mood in that way?

This past weekend, I photographed each new candle for the website and was so impressed by the quality.  I know you will be too.   And, to celebrate the new line, we're offering everyone 20% off the entire collection now through March 17th!  Just use the discount code SPRING20.


If you would like to join our newsletter to be notified of future sales and High Street Market news, please sign up HERE!


Friday, March 13, 2015


Happy Friday!  I hope you have lovely plans for this weekend.  It's finally warming up here and it feels heavenly.  :) 

We did a photoshoot in the store this week, promoting our new Moscow Mule Mugs (which are really fun to use), and I've attached the pictures from the newsletter below.  We also shared our favorite Moscow Mule recipe with our email list.  I thought I would share it here on the blog, too.  Just in case any of you are interested in making one, try this recipe first-- it's my favorite.  If you ask me, the Moscow Mule is a perfect springtime cocktail (and it's easy to make into a "mocktail" for the non-drinkers or pregnant mamas, like me-- just substitute non-alcoholic ginger beer and add soda water). 

Have you ever had a Moscow Mule?  I recommend chilling the mugs in the freezer for awhile before mixing up a batch.  That will help you get the ultimate frosty glass.  :)  Cheers!

Happy Weekend!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My new favorite maternity jeans...

Now, in the 7th month of my second pregnancy, I can surely no longer wear regular pants (believe me, I've tried-- that elastic hair band can only stretch so far).  And, when my trusty GAP maternity jeans ripped in a place that only reinforced my growing size, I reluctantly went on the hunt for a new pair.  After ordering--and returning--a whopping seven pairs online, I finally found these.

In case you are pregnant, or know someone who is pregnant, I thought I would pass this revelation along to you.  I LOVE these "Jimmy Jimmy" jeans from Paige Denim.  Stretchy and cute.  I actually like the distressed look here.  The best part is the expanding waistband and NO belly band.  So, after the baby is born, I can throw on a belt and wear these like regular jeans (this is the plan, and thoughtful justification for the price point). 

the jeans made a cameo in this High Street Market instagram shot 
(I think I can legally write these off as a business expense now, right?)

and, since some kind people asked for a belly shot-- here it is!!  Wrapped up at 7 months.  

Baby girl will be here in May.  :)


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Current Inspiration: Sun Faded Style

I've got a couple of new design projects on the horizon that are beachy and coastal-inspired.  And, THANK GOD for that because, outside my office, my car is covered in ice.  And, we're getting more snow tomorrow.  So, dreaming and scheming about summertime is just what the doctor ordered over here.

Here are the images that are covering my desktop this week.  And, to me, they scream WARM WEATHER.  I am so drawn to using mercury glass this year.  But, in tiny doses (think bud vases, a chic table lamp, and mercury glass candles).  Also, copper.  The rosey cousin to brass.  Are you guys liking this new trend?  Again, I love copper in small doses-- perhaps a tiny table lamp, a collection of bowls, or hit of copper hardware.  Both of these fresh metallics are coming to the store this month-- I've been really jazzed about it. :) 

Also on my radar: anything that feels like it's been faded in the sun.  Think heavy woven textures (like rope), sun faded colors (like misty blue, minty green, and washed out denim) and crisp whites.  Always crisp whites.

all images pulled from my Pinterest page.  :)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shopping for Spring (and stocking the store)

I know we're still in the middle of February, but my mind is focused on springtime.  And, most importantly, stocking our store with really great spring items.  Sourcing and designing new products for High Street Market is honestly the best part of having a retail store.  It's not easy, but when everything comes together, it's so rewarding and really fun. :)  When selecting new pieces for our retail business, we are constantly thinking about our customer-- What does our customer want or need for spring/summer?  What is the price point?  What inspires us and what can we create that's new and unique?  For spring and summer, we're thinking of classic woven textures, lightweight sun-faded fabrics, new metallics (like copper and mercury glass), and pieces that feel unfussy and lived in.  That being said, we've got a lot of new goodies coming down the pipeline (including some new candles that I'm fixated on)...  and today, we launched two new product lines.

The first is a new woven line of trays and baskets (I'm obsessed).  The quality is top notch and the price point is great.  Every single piece in the collection is hand woven.  We went with two finishes-- a classic antique brown and a fresh, almost sun-faded white wash.  We hope you like it as much as we do.

I love everything, but those extra large fruit bowls with the pedestal base are pretty rad.
Shop the entire basket collection HERE.

We've also launched a new line of springtime throw blankets.  The price point is very affordable-- most blankets start at $46.00 each!  They're handmade of 100% cotton, and very lightweight-- perfect for those cool springtime temperatures.  Think porch lounging and sunset watching with a cozy blanket (and maybe a glass of wine).  We have a Diamond pattern and a Herringbone weave...

PS. with the fringe, these throws also make chic tablecloths-- perfect for alfresco dining this summer.

Shop all of our throw blankets HERE.


Thursday, February 5, 2015

NEW Vintage, in store now

We've added many new vintage pieces to the store this week (including a fabulous vintage table lamp, a 1928 silver tray from the Hotel Piccadilly in New York, and a fun set of 1950s Fred Press cocktail glasses in sunny yellow-- perfect for springtime cocktails!).  Here is a peek at the new lot:

Everything is available online today.Click here to shop all vintage.



Friday, January 30, 2015

Workin' for the weekend...

Hey all!  Happy Friday to you.  I hope you have lovely plans for this weekend (will you be watching the Super Bowl?).  I will be spending some much needed time with family, and then Dave and I are headed to New York for the gift show.  This mama is pretty excited about that.

We had a really busy week at work, and I thought I would share some recent Instagram pics of the showroom-- we've changed up some of the display, and we've received some new vintage pieces that are pretty awesome...

 a little corner of the showroom
(vintage chair is pick up only)

decorating with neutrals

(now available in the extra large size)

this vintage chair just came back from the upholsterer -- it's beautiful.
(pick up only)

 absolutely love this vintage runner, new in the store and coming to the website soon.

amazing new menswear-inspired pillows coming to the shop in a couple of weeks!!!

 We added this gorgeous piece to the store this week-- made of solid walnut and available in brass or silver (designed by us, and made just for us)

And, here are a few recent pictures of little Willie B. (my nickname for him, William Bernard).  He's growing really fast and loves to run!  We played in the snow, took naps together on the couch and ran around town together.  I can't get enough of this guy.



this giggle.  :)

Have a great weekend! 

all photos from Instagram-- 

and, you can find me @kellyrobson


if you see something in the shop that is not available online, please feel free to email for more information
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